Healthy living is delicious and luxurious

Drawing on the bounty of our lavender fields and beehives, we handcraft a range of natural products that are good for you — body and soul.

Honey is the ultimate expression of terroir. We take a harvest from our hives at different times of the year and from different locations in Prince Edward County. This creates honeys of different colours, unique floral aromas, and distinctive flavours. We provide you with honey just the way bees made it — raw and unpasteurized. Good tasting and good for you! We infuse our honey with our lavender for a delicate treat. We also infuse our honeys with ginger, chocolate, cinnamon, and nuts — there’s something delicious for everyone. Why not take home a flight of honey?

From our organic lavender, we carefully select the ripest flower bunches to prepare a colourful and succulent blend of culinary buds for use in cooking, baking, or cocktail making recipes. We also prepare lavender-infused condiments and herbs for the creative and discerning chefs —such as dipping oils, and exotic seasoning salts. We even have a little something for dessert — a delicate lavender chocolate truffle. So yummy!

We also offer small-batch aromatherapy and personal care products including essential oils, as well as luxurious, handcrafted soaps, body butters and creams, bath bombs, body oils, linen sprays, and sachets.

If you visit in late July during the lavender harvesting period, you can observe our steam distillation process as we produce pure, high quality lavender essential oils and hydrosols.

The beauty of doing small batch, is that our product line is always evolving. We listen closely to you, our clients, and are always willing to try a new recipe. Sometimes we even have a few crazy ideas that we simply must try out. So check in with us often — there is always something new.

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