Millefleurs means “a thousand blooms”. This is what you will see when you visit our lavender farm between early July and August — with six varieties of lavender including both English and French lavender varieties.

Lavender is one of the most ancient aromatic herbs. For centuries lavender has been cultivated and distilled for its essential oil and used in perfumes and bath oils. It is one of the most nostalgic and romantic of fragrances. The delicate and soothing quality of lavender essential oil is coveted for aromatherapy.

Culinary lavender is prized for its delicate floral taste with a hint of citrus and spice — delicious in teas, vinegars, marinades, baked goods, and even in alcoholic beverages. Lavender buds can amplify both sweet and savoury flavours. Creative chefs and mixologists are constantly finding creative uses for this versatile herb.


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Interesting Facts

Much like grapevines, lavender flourishes in dry, well-drained, gravelly soils and full sun. This is exactly the conditions we have at Millefleurs Farm — Hillier Clay.

It takes three years for a lavender plant to reach maturity and a plant can live 10-12 years.

In Provence, the practice is to place lavender on windowsills to ward off scorpions. Scorpions are sensitive to lavender aroma and tend to avoid areas where it is present.

Myth & Lore

It is a long tradition for brides to include lavender in their bridal bouquets to bring good luck and happiness.

Some folk tales suggest that carrying lavender can assist in contacting faerie folk — though we confess that we have only seen fireflies here at Millefleurs!

Yet others claim that planting lavender in your garden will ward off mosquitos. All we can say for sure is that, here at Millefleurs, it attracts hundreds of butterflies!


For centuries, lavender has been prized around the world as an herb to promote relaxation, and reduce insomnia — as well as relief for minor burns, and skin irritations. While the scent varies somewhat depending on the variety of lavender — it is soothing and restful. Quite lovely as a bath soak at the end of a long day!