With over seventy hives, our honeybees are the busy pollinators in this part of Prince Edward County. You are likely to find them in local orchards, vegetable farms, or fields of wildflowers along the Taste Trail™ in the Wellington and Hillier wards.

Honeybee colonies face many challenges to their survival — with an average mortality level of over forty percent in Ontario each year. At Millefleurs™, we work with local landowners and farmers to locate our colonies in different habitats where there is minimal or no pesticides use — so the bees stay healthy. For example, our own organic lavender fields are home to about fifteen to twenty beehives, which produce lavender honey. Our clients tell us it is among the best honey they have ever tasted. We sell our honey just as the bees make it — raw, unfiltered, and unpasteurized.

It not only tastes delicious, it is good for you!