Many miles before we sleep…

We have a long-standing passion for the environment and a dedication to community and public service. We love good food and good wine. We are both biologists and former public servants. Sylvain is also a sommelier and master distiller and Wilma is a botanist, master gardener, and apprentice-potter.

Millefleurs™, both as a place and as an endeavour, is an expression of our passion for family, craftsmanship, and great client service — all in the pursuit of healthy living, as we strive to create our little piece of heaven.

We have our hands in the earth and our eyes on the big blue sky as we strive to express the beauty of County terroir.

Cheers! Santé!

Wilma Vreeswijk Sylvain Segard



Head gardener, lovely “lavendière”, and
general force of nature.

Sylvain with bouquet.JPG


Head beekeeper, meadmaker, and
best beard in the business.



Loyal friend, dignified farm keep, and gentle hugger.