“Our family, our community, our environment”

Millefleurs™ is a family-run farm, nestled in beautiful Prince Edward County, on the shores of majestic Lake Ontario, Canada.

We grow organic lavender and raise honeybees in celebration of our natural environment. From planting to harvest … and extraction to distillation … all our lavender and honey products are rooted in the land and a commitment to craftsmanship.

We are proud to call The County our home. It is a magical place that inspires us each and every day. It is a place where family, our natural environment, and community matters. Ontario has many beautiful counties — but ours is “the” County — a place that celebrates amazing local food and wine, supports a strong arts and music community, and encourages creative endeavours. It is a welcoming place that feels like home as soon as you cross the bridge.

We love all things bees and lavender. We will be delighted to welcome you this summer to our farm and to share our knowledge and passion with you.

We will be opening in late June 2019 … we are looking forward to meeting you!


Soothing. Delicious. Sustainable.


Healthy for you. Vital to the food cycle.


Coming soon …
Ancient elixir. Modern wine.

Our Products

Handcrafted Fragrant. Delicious.




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