Rock Sack Rugby

First decent weekend of the Spring. We are getting ready to remove the Hybertex covers from the Lavender fields. This need to be done before the thermometer registers double digits, which is in the forecast for the next four to five days. Of course, this did not give us much breathing space since it was sub-zero weather last week.

Thus, Wilma and Sylvain spent the weekend playing “rock sackrugby”. That is, we removed 50% of the gravel filled row bags holding down the tarps which were protecting the Lavender from wind burn and ice damage; this, is order to be ready to roll-up the tarp with a special implement. Unfortunately, Murphy’s Law being what it is, we got a flat tire on the tractor and our local farm service centre was closed over the weekend. So! Guess who had to schlep it all by hand?!

That was over 1200 bags. At an average of 30 pounds per bag, we removed 18 tons of gravel. . .

What did you do this weekend?