One month already!

It has been almost A month since we opened the farm boutique. Wow! Did it ever go by fast!

We’ve had an incredible response from residents of, and visitors to Prince Edward County. We are so grateful to everyone for your kind words of encouragement and your support.

We’ve had all sorts of visitors and return business already. Families, couples, wine tours, bachelorette parties, magazines photo shoots, newspapers, phone and email orders, cyclists, hikers, limos, etc. Wonderful!

So much so that we sold out of certain products, including our world-ranking wildflower honey and our signature lavender infused honey. Nice problem to have, they say.

The bees and we are busily preparing more. We are making new batches of body care products almost every day, now. We are expecting a new honey harvest in the next week to ten days. And, we have started to harvest our lavender.

A beautifully busy month of July!

Thank you!